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Welcome to Pony Tail Club: I'm Dad & I don't get it.

jeffconnect.jpgI'm Dad and I don't get it.

I'm the Dad that got talked into buying a herd of manure producing beasts.

Every time I turn around I'm hearing stories about how someone died on a horse. I'll go with Kay Pope's saying, " Never get on something that's bigger and smarter than you are."

So now I'm stuck. My cars smell like horse. At times my house smells like horse. My wife and daughters hair smells like horse. Horse everywhere. It's obviously not a guy thing. Do you see guys at horse shows? Nope. Just little girls on horses and their moms who would like to be little girls on horses.

And what's up with the equine dress code? Surely any self respecting pony express rider wouldn't be caught dead prancing around in a circle while wearing a top hat and white breeches.

And since you've asked, yeah, I've ridden them dirty mules. Last time was when Maverick launched me off into some rocks. Great fun. Nothing like flying straight backwards while a 1800 pound animal tries his best to stomp the life out of you.

So... I don't get it. (I like soccer.) 

But of course, just looking at these pictures you can see how safe and fun it is.