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What scares your horse?


Ok, I'll admit it. Moon has a few things that scare him. Bikes, foals, shiny rails, (teepees, which were a big problem for us on the high prairie cross country course,) the usual stuff, really.

My dad recorded a show for us about a group of riders in Africa that had an encounter with a lioness. Evidently the lioness was looking for a meal and watched them for a while before she sprang into action and actually started chasing one of the riders.

She was faster than the horse, and when she had caught up to it she lept onto its back. Somehow, (this seems impossible,) the horse and rider got away.

Now, I don't know about your horses, I can only speak for Moon, but I can assure you he wouldn't have reacted well to a lion chasing him.

In fact, I'm sure he would have been on edge just walking through the tall grass if there had been a bit of a breeze.

If I would've been in this same situation with Moon, I think he would have run for his life from the lioness. He'd of run away with or without me on his back!

Reader Comments (4)

Axel is pretty well fearless and bombproof, except for bikes. The quiet and sneak up behind you kind. One of our trails runs along side a bicycling trail and wow I didn't think Axel had the energy in him to jump that far sideways when a bike whizzed by silently. They should pass out jingle bells or something to bikers on horse trails.
04.29 | Unregistered CommenterElise
Jingle bells are a great idea. Now, if only we could get the moose around our house to wear them too!
05.1 | Unregistered CommenterMaddy
I dont know much about horses but I do know a lot about biking. Usually when we see a horse on a trail we kinda slow down and make sure we dont spook em since they weigh a ton and can kick the crap out of us. As great an idea as wearing bells on our bikes, its not something any biker will ever do voluntarily.
One time, my horse got scared when someone started to brush out a rag and he started to buck. But fortunately, I stopped him from doing it too much.
05.17 | Unregistered CommenterJessica
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