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High Prairie Summer 2012


Maddy & Moon Jumping Cross Country


Maddy with Moon

These photos are some of my favorite. We had a pro shoot them.


Maddy + Moon


Edward is almost here

I'm so giddy. If you've ever read Twilight you know just what I mean. The cold skin. The glittering in the sunlight. Oh.. I swoon.

It's almost impossible to contain my puppy love in this frail human body. Oh to be a bloodsucker. I would promise to feed only on gophers and skunks. Please Edward. O please. This waiting is terrible.

Oh, and my daughter likes you too. (Posted by Dad) 




This last week we started to see glimpses of spring. For the first time, I rode in a hoodie, not a winter coat. YAY!

But of course, the snow is back. There are huge flakes coming down right now. Big sigh.

Off I go, bundled up, hand warmers in my winter coat pockets. (I also keep Moon's treats in my pockets, which basically means he's been eating very toasty warm treats.) He doesn't seem to mind, who knows, maybe it's like the equivalent to a cup of hot chocolate on a cold day.


Pony Tail Club: Updates for my horse lover friends.

Hi Everyone:

Sorry it's been so long since I posted. I've been super busy, and just kind of got out of the habit of posting. Plus, spammers were bombarding the comments, so for the time being I've disabled comments.

The last couple of months have been great. Moon's feet fully recovered, and he hasn't had any problems since the incident last fall. He's been a good pony all winter. Lots of energy, but in a good way. We haven't had as much snow this year as last, and I'm hoping for an early spring. 

We're trying to figure out what shows we'll go to this year. There are lots of options, and it's hard to decide what to do and not do, and work with our budget. We should get some great photos of three day eventing.

Thanks to all of you who keep visiting my Pony Tail Club!


Moon's better.

Actually, he's been better for a long time, and things are going really well. The vet ended up gluing his cracked hooves where they needed it, and within about a week you couldn't even see where the cracks had been. It's still kind of a mystery. I'm not sure if we'll ever know what happened. But, he's a happy boy now. After being in a stall for a few days he was so happy to get out and run and buck. He tore around the pasture for a good 5 minutes. Of course, all of us wanted him to take it easy, to make sure his feet really were ok, but he wasn't in a "relaxing" mood. Anyway, his feet were fine, and we all laughed as we watched him sail around his pasture. Right now, I'm riding most days, still jumping and doing dressage, and thinking about next year's plan. It's been so nice, we are still riding outside. I hope it stays like this for a while!


Moon's off.

Moon and I have had a great summer. I've been having so much fun spending almost all my free time with Moon that I've neglected my blog. This last weekend Moon and I went to a schooling show. The day before, Moon and I schooled the cross county course, and Moon was perfect. I was excited for the show, but when I got Moon out of his stall on Saturday morning, he was lame on his back two feet. After examining his feet closer, it was obvious that he had a crack on both hooves. The cracks were not there the day before, and he had seen the farrier only a few days before. The farrier hadn't seen anything wrong at all , and he is a very respected farrier.

So, it was a mystery, and we pulled Moon out of the show and called the vet. The vet is coming to check him out tomorrow, meanwhile Moon is taking it easy and getting lots of rest and tlc. His feet are wrapped, and I guess we'll see what the vet says. The farrier at the show looked him over, and thought he would be fine, but that he might need some rest while his hooves grow out a little. It is very dry here, and the farrier was thinking that maybe the dryness has caused the cracks. We are also wondering if he needs an extra supplement in his diet. Moon has always had very solid, strong hooves, so this was a complete shock. I'm feeling very stressed and worried, and will feel better after the vet visit tomorrow. 


The Event at Rebecca Farm

  I know. It's been forever since I posted. I've been so busy, and out of town. Moon and I were lucky enough to get to go to Rebecca Farm this year. It was amazing! I think it's the best show I've gone too, for lots of reasons, despite the fact that we took a wrong turn and added 4 hours to our drive to Kalispell, Montana.

Kallispell is so cool, and Rebecca farm is unbelievable. They have the nicest cross-country course.  We got to Kallispell on Tuesday, the week the show started, which was nice. Moon and I had a chance to get settled in a couple of days before things got started. Moon had a great dressage test and went clean in cross-country. My trainer, Ingrid, said Moon looked more fired up than she had ever seen him for cross-country. We dropped two rails in stadium, but finished 9th overall.

We also had a little time to explore Kallispell and went swimming in the lake.

It was a great experience for both of us. I'm hoping to go back next year. The drive home was 4 hours shorter than the drive up, because we went he right way! Moon's taking a much deserved break this week, and next week we're going to a smaller show in Wyoming. On a sad note, only three weeks until school starts again! On a happy note, I got my driver's permit. (Watch out everyone!)


Moon loves dressage.

25.jpgMoon and I have a new best dressage score. At our last show we received a 25.

Several people commented to me afterwards how happy and relaxed Moon looked during our test. We then had a clean stadium and were feeling really good.

Cross country is always the challenge, and Moon stopped twice. So, we finished the show in 4th, but felt really good about the show. Our next show is this coming weekend, and I can't wait.

This week I have to pull Moon's mane, which isn't his favorite thing. We've been having great lessons, and the weather is perfect, not too hot yet. He moved to a new stall at the barn, with his own run, and still gets turned out into the large pasture for about half the day. He seems like a happy horse, which makes me a happy person!


Sleeping in the horse trailer?

Do any of you ever sleep in your trailers? And when I say that, I'm not talking about sleeping in the living quarters. I'm talking about sleeping in the back....

We have shows coming up, and our trainer has suggested we sleep in the back. Sure, it's pretty clean, we try to keep it as clean as possible. And there are shower facilities at the show. I've slept lots of places, and I'm trying to have an open mind, but I think I'd prefer just to bring my tent and sleep on the grass!

Or, maybe if I'm really, really lucky, PaPu, (my grandpa) will bring his camper trailer. He said he would consider it for a hug. Done!